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This site will document the progress of the construction of a community training facility, using straw bale construction, at Berkeley Vale on the NSW Central Coast.

June 2010

We're all done!

The last month has been crazy, with tradesmen all working really had and on top of each other to complete the project.

Front Wall

View to south

Break out space from front foyer

Front foyer from break out space

Straw bale truth window in foyer

Training Room 1

Training Room 2

Training Room 2 storage

Kitchen / Training Room 3


Cleaner's Room


Accessible Bathroom

Hallway from Foyer to Breakout Space

Tutorial Room 1

Tutorial Room 2

Break out space

Meeting Room

Comms Room

Training Room 4

View down entrance driveway

Further down driveway

Looking up the driveway toward the existing hall

Outside views